“Thank you for the prompt service for the first snow!” – Charles

“Thank you for the rescue!” – Judy

“We appreciate your help and the good job you do on our driveway.” – Carol

“Thank you for responding to our calls – great communication and response to our requests.” – Les

“Thanks for being willing to drag our sorry butts out of the snow!” – Anon

“Thank you for the good service and fair fee!” – Dolores

“Thank you for your first class service!” – C&D

“Thanks for prompt sanding call-out!!” – John

“Thank you for your prompt attendance to our neighborhood.” – Mary

“Thank you for the good service this season. The traction sand prevented someone from sliding his car through the house!!” – Anon

“Thanks for all your hard work. You guys do a great job!” – Miriam

“The job done on the final plow was outstanding, and the plower took extra time and put in a great effort.” – John

“Thank you for doing such a great job of keeping our place in Glen Alps plowed this winter.” – Tammy

“Thank you for the fine service!” – Chuck

“Thanks for doing such a good job plowing for us.” – Dave

“Thanks for all the hard work and for keeping the road graveled at the corners.” – Diane

“Thanks for doing a great job on our driveway with moving a great amount of snow!” – Carol

“Appreciate you coming out for us! Good work!” – Scott

“Sándor, thanks again for all you do. Your hard work and help are greatly appreciated.” – Kenny