A Passion for snow

That’s really what started it all. I love snow. As a child, there was nothing more thrilling to me than a snow day, and my wife would be the first to tell you that that hasn’t changed. Born and raised here in Alaska, I always loved looking out the window after a fresh snowfall, and watching the plow truck clear my family’s driveway. Hearing the diesel engine work to push a plow full of snow, while the tire chains clawed to grip the icy ground beneath, then watching the plume of snow go splashing up against the big pile (where I had undoubtedly been playing in my snow fort just the day before), left me with a rush of excitement every time. I wondered back then if I might get to plow snow myself someday.

“…something bold was needed – something unique, something that could reinvent the face of Anchorage snow removal.”

Sandor Yager, Owner

Looking back now after 13 years of operating my own snow removal company right here in Anchorage makes me wonder if things have even changed much from those days of my youth. I still get excited when snowflakes begin to accumulate on the porch railing, and I still love to hear the sound of a diesel truck working to push through a fresh snow drift. And I still love building snow forts too, but now it’s even better because I can do so alongside my own children.

I truly love what we do here at Snowline Alaska, and my hope is that our customers will notice that passion in every detail of our services. From the beginning of this company, I knew I needed to be more than just another “plow guy”. I wanted to think beyond the expected, to deliver a better service to our customers, and most importantly to maintain a reputation of dependability and attention to detail. After graduating from University of Alaska Anchorage with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, I set out to provide the Anchorage Hillside with a new kind of snow removal service. I knew that something bold was needed – something unique, something that could reinvent the face of Anchorage snow removal. It was time for a revolution.

In 2013, Snowline Alaska introduced the first fleet of tractor-mounted snow blowers for residential service on the Anchorage Hillside. The blowers we use are unique in design and performance. Powered by our team of skilled operators, we have been able to provide our customers with cleaner driveways in less time, and with greater precision than was ever offered by using plow trucks. And I have to tell you – gone are the days of driving across someone’s lawn in order to make a snow storage pile. That might be a little harder on the kids’ snow fort construction, but it’s much nicer to the family’s landscaping.

I have been so very blessed by God. Not only is He the one who sends the snow, but He has sent us a fantastic team from the very beginning, and given us the most loyal customers I could ever imagine. Snowline Alaska only works because our customers have been so diligent to tell their friends and neighbors about what we do. I’m beyond thankful that my family and our crew shares my love for snow, and for what we do. I hope you see it in the work that we do.

Keep praying for snow!

Sándor Yager, Owner